Welcome to Playcent
Playcent is a blockchain based user generated content platform for interactive apps and games. It’s a remix tool that anyone can use to make interactive games, mini-apps, and memes based on the various templates created by independent developers.
TikTok popularized “remix” culture ( users remixing existing video and audio clips ) and has grown to billions of users, but Playcent wants to go one step further by making mini-apps, games, and memes remixable.
Playcent apps, also known as 'cents' are full-stack web apps, cent is like Snap Mini, but in this case, cent generates a link that you can share and run on any social media. Anywhere the internet works, cent will, too.
1) Playcent Editor: No code & low code interfaces to launch games and apps in minutes
2) NFT Exchange: To Mint and trade NFTs #nocode
3) Playcent X: E-sports SDK to convert games to dapps
4) Wallet & PlaycentPay: In-app purchases and gasless microtransactions
Playcent is built on ethereum and runs on Matic blockchain. We initially chose Ethereum back in 2019 due to the number of developers building on the platform, and the ability to build an MVP quickly. As time passed it became clear that building a blockchain UGC Platform solely on Ethereum would not be feasible from a scalability standpoint.
We have chose Matic Network as our scaling solution due to the following reasons:
1) Low fees
Provides fast, secure transactions at low-cost on Matic sidechains with finality achieved on mainchain.
2) High performance
Accomplish up to 10,000 TPS on a single sidechain. Unlike the Ethereum network where transactions get congested when there’s a surge
3) Open & Decentralized
Matic sidechains are public in nature and permissionless
4) Easy deployment
Since Matic is the ethereum side chain, existing ethereum contracts can be easily deployed on it. This removes the barrier that come up when building on other chains.
5) Developer support & community
Matic offers wide range of developer tooling, unparalleled technical support for developers and also has one of the most active communities in the blockchain ecosystem. This enables access to a large set of early adopters.
To learn more about playcent checkout this whitepaper
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