Whitepaper v1 overview, and product roadmap

Introduction to Playcent

Playcent is a blockchain based user generated content platform for interactive apps and games. It’s a remix tool that anyone can use to make interactive games, mini-apps, and memes based on the various templates created by independent developers.
TikTok popularized “remix” culture ( users remixing existing video and audio clips ) and has grown to billions of users, but Playcent wants to go one step further by making mini-apps, games, and memes remixable.
Playcent apps, also known as 'cents' are full-stack web apps, cent is like Snap Mini, but in this case, cent generates a link that you can share and run on any social media. Anywhere the internet works, cent will, too.

Market and technological opportunities

Marc Andreessen once famously said, “Software is eating the world” to refer to the software-driven innovation revolution and the need for every company to become a software company. This is more relevant now. Today, software development is highly specialized and its availability is limited to a small handful of people with classical training. As new digital platforms come to exist, and millions of users come online for the first time, the need for content and software will only continue to increase. If we continue to approach the development of software using current patterns, we will not be able to meet this new demand. If the power to create software remains so prohibitively expensive, software creation will continue to trend toward centralization. A few large multinationals will outsizedly control and shape the connected experience for newly-connected populations.
Playcent aims to democratize software development by allowing non-techies to easily create interactive apps, games and other user generated content in minutes.
In 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. Over 50% of the time is spent inside of social media and messaging apps. In these social feeds users consume all types of content like text, image, video, GIFs and links. Each of the social media implements a webview ( a browser built in natively to support links ) to support links. Playcent takes advantage of the webviews. Cents are web urls that run everywhere including all the social media websites. Some of the playcent apps or cents already replicate functionality of native apps like Buy Me Coffee , shopify or cameo.


Our initial focus is on hyper casual games and mini apps. Hyper Casual games are simple to play games which already have a market share of over $2billion out of $65 billion mobile gaming. Hyper casual games present real, quantifiable value to brands, businesses, and influencers to engage their users. These groups currently commission the creation of hyper casual games as marketing tools for $15-150k per game, with a development lead time of 4-12 months. By reducing the cost and development time, Playcent gains market penetration, early revenue. “Re-skinning” a hypercasual game is often all it takes to turn a boring game into a viral hit. Over the next few months we will move from games to interactive apps and in the next few years we envision 15 year olds remixing cents and creating hit games and apps.

Tech architecture

Playcent is in beta and has over 20 templates. Templates are the underlying web applications that power cents. A developer can build playcent templates for any type of web application, including interactive games, memes, and apps. While creating a template a developer can define which values are customizable and leverage Playcent platform technology to make it easy for non-technical users to change them. After a template is published on Playcent, creators can easily find and remix it, adding their own images, text, sounds, and more, to create their own version that they can share anywhere on the web.
What is Remixing?
Remixing enables creators to make their own apps by customizing existing playcent apps and publishing their own versions.
Developers can port existing apps to Playcent by integrating the playcent visual controls library

Tech Stack

Playcent platform key architecture : Playcent Editor, where a user creates applications,
Playcent CDN, which publishes, hosts, and distributes all the apps
Playcent Rewards Engine, which rewards users based on the activity
NFT Marketplace, To mint and trade NFTs
Cent Marketplace, To trade playcent apps
Playcent pay & Wallet, Used for payments and to store tokens and NFTs
Esports SDK: To convert games to e-sports games
Visual controls library: To import and convert apps to playcent templates

Playcent Editor

Playcent Editor is used to create interactive and games. The Editor is available in 2 modes,
  • Visual mode
  • Code view
Visual mode provides the visual interfaces required to customize the playcent apps and games. This is mainly for non-technical users Code view provides a browser-based collaborative integrated development environment (IDE) which contains all the project's code.

Playcent CDN

Playcent CDN refers to a geographically distributed framework that takes care of the deployment, hosting and distribution of playcents apps and games.

Blockchain Stack

Playcent is built on ethereum and runs on Matic blockchain. Among the data generated from the Playcent ecosystem, any items that are transaction-related are recorded in the Matic blockchain in the form of Tx All inputted data is disclosed transparently due to the nature of the blockchain. Gamers, consumers and developers participating in the Playcent ecosystem can view this data and use it for decision making, etc. The data stored in the blockchain is not large-capacity, such as images, videos or long text. Those items are stored in a corresponding database. Data stored on the blockchain is data related to key activities.
Wallet & PlaycentPay
Wallet and authentication is powered by and biconomy, wallet is used to store tokens and NFT assets. PlaycentPay facilitates microtransactions and other in-app purchases, including tipping, from the wallet. Playcent wallet also handles top-ups, gift codes, and payouts/settlements. Using the PlaycentPay cents inside social feeds can charge users of other networks. Rewards Engine
Playcent rewards 16.25% of the total supply to onboard creators and gamers to the Playcent ecosystem. Playcent captures each and every user activity and the data is sent to the smart contract through an oracle and the reward is processed to the user's wallet everyday.
NFT Marketplace
An asset marketplace where you can mint, buy and sell digital collectibles without any coding skills. Create, discover, buy, and sell rare and unique blockchain assets.
Create - Mint your own NFTs using no-code
Discover - Find pioneering blockchain projects featuring scarce digital assets
Trade - Buy and sell the digital NFTs
Collect - Store the assets in your playcent wallet
Playcent Esports SDK

Playcent Universe

There are several users that would comprise Playcent’s vibrant ecosystem:


Developers build the templates that power the playcent apps. Templates will be remixed into custom apps and shared by millions of people across the world. As the template is remixed, and its remixes are remixed, the template evolves into new applications. Playcent tracks this ancestry, and developers retain a stake in the value of this "evolution pool" over time. Each template created is part of a lineage and yields reward based on the activity of its descendants according to the Playcent Evolution Fee Structures.


As core users and value providers, content creators gain the largest share of the revenue.
Content creators can earn token rewards by remixing cents. When a cent is played, the content creator will be rewarded with tokens based on the activity.
The content creator can also earn a larger one-off payment by selling the cent they created on the marketplace


User(s) consume the content created and earn tokens from the reward pool.
In addition to general interactive behaviors such as Liking, sharing, and commenting, users can also use playcent tokens for In app purchases, subscriptions and tipping developers or creators.


Purchase playcent tokens for promoting their content

Playcent Token

Playcent tokens( PCT ) are ERC-20 utility tokens on the Playcent Universe.
Cents can be redeemed by creating and consuming content.
PCT, the native token of Playcent, is a core utility token utilizing the ERC20 standard Use Cases :
1: In-app currency for all the apps & games developed on playcent.
2: Rewards are distributed to creators, developers and consumers in PCNT tokens
3: Subscriptions, asset marketplace transactions will be charged in PCNT token
4: early access of games for token holders and other premium services
5: Payment for advertising on Playcent
6: Governance, where token holders decide on things like emissions, distribution, upvotes etc.
PCT tokens will be the primary method of payment on Playcent
Rewards The rewards token represents 16.25% of the total cent supply. The goal of the rewards tokens is to attract a wide range of creators and gamers to the playcent ecosystem in the hunt for token rewards and to give ownership and stake to the most active community members. The Rewards allocation can be seen as a marketing budget for the playcent ecosystem.


Q1 2020: Playcent development started - done
Q2 2020: Playcent Editor ( cloud IDE and visual interfaces development ) - done
Q3 2020: Playcent beta - done
Q4 2020: Playcent token distribution
Play to earn launch
Q1 2021: Mobile Remix
Wallet and payment gateway NFT marketplace
SDK to convert apps to dapps
100+ playcent templates
Q2 2021: Esports SDK Q3 2021 : Playcent X, Esports beta Q4 2021: Playcent X launch

Team, advisors and strategic partners

The Playcent team members have years of experience in product, technology, and business.
Sandeep Sudagani - CEO Sandeep is involved in all key decisions from product, tech to marketing and leads the company. He has worked with Itsblockcahin since early 2017 and has a vast network of Blockchain industry and gaming connections. Jaya Kishan Kumar Nammi - CTO Jay leads our engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations. He previously worked as a senior software engineer at Maximl.
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